2017.10.03 – Knobs & Faders

You know we love knobs and faders as much as we like mice, but we have no idea how many there are in our two studios!
So maybe you can help us out and examine a small selection of our gear to win a CD.
Post the number of knobs and faders you see on the photo below on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/syntheziax/.

You can be the next happy owner of a rare original electronic music artwork Made in Luxembourg


19.09.2017 – Vintage Gear

I bought a Korg SDD-3000 back in 1983 and it got stolen from our rehearsal room together with a Korg Stage Echo…

Now they released the SDD-3000 pedal some time ago which is a very nice delay unit (except they forgot to include midi sync), and UAD released the SDD-3000 software plugin for their platform and this one is huge,, the preamps sound great and the delays are fantastic! (Get me another Octo…)


14.09.2017 – Back in 1987

Holiday is over, let’s return to reality with all its fake news and iPhone staring people…

This is how it all started in 1987 with Atari ST, TwentyFour software and Roland D-50. I grabbed the ST today from the roof and fired it up. No surprise it started and even the floppies worked fine. 30 Years (even some more) since we first used these amazing sequencer techniques. I wish I still had my Commodore C-64 and the C-Lab software!

Syntheziax was a little quiet lately, but we are back with new toys and LOTS of new ideas, let’s see how fast we can bring up a new CD this time…

Maybe a little encouraging support from our friends could help us to get things done.

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