2023.11.26 – Body To Body is OUT NOW

Body To Body is available for purchase on CD now. You can have one for 15€. (We need to add 3€ for postage if you are not very close.)

You can also have it as a package with our first CD for a total of 25€.

The easy way to order is to scan this QR code and use the email address inside.

On an iPhone just tap and hold and select New Mail Message

If you need larger quantities (10, 100 or more), or if you are a shop, we have reduced reseller prices 🙂


24.11.2023 – Syntheziax ≠ Mainstream

As our new CD is just around the corner, we encourage you to buy our CD’s even if you only listen via Apple Music or Spotify.

Firstly, the CD sounds so much better (but you need a CD player) and by doing so, you show us your interest in our work. Making music is a rather expensive lifestyle.

Finally, the streaming services provide us with endless music, but steal the work from the artists. Syntheziax has very few streams, our revenue from all platforms is 3,79€ for 2023 whereas we pay 99€ yearly to Soundcloud (one of the few possibilities to get into the system).

Syntheziax is happy to hear from you !


05.11.2023 – New CD out soon

The new CD Body To Body is getting ready and release is expected for 26.11.2023. Twelve new tracks with a total of 64’43” of the finest electronic music.

Only available on CD and if the sales pass a safe level we will put it on the streaming platforms.

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