25.03.2015 – In good company

Our Apollo’s received some help from their big brothers, the UAD Thunderbolt Octo’s, now we have a total of 24 DSP’s in the house, more than enough to handle all the always growing processing power needed for this project!



11.03.2015 – The AIR collection

8 very special synths from the AIR collection (http://www.airmusictech.com) are a great addition to our already giant arsenal of music sources. I must say that every one is still unique in sound and possibilities and we are searchin for very special sounds as you will hear on the release.



04.03.2015 – Still on time

2 months passed since the debut of the project and we are still on time, yes, 9 tracks are ready for the last pass. It looks like we are making a great record and I must say that I (mibo) have already lost the general overview who played what and who played where… Good thing is – we have not planned any live venues so far!


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