15.05.2015 – Time flies

Yes, it took us one month to get everything right, but now, after a final listening session at our friends from S.K.O.R.‘s amazing studios (https://www.facebook.com/skorband) we are really satisfied with our work.

We can’t wait to get the mastering done in … Paris! (more to come)



14.04.2015 – Mixing approaching final stage

Listening all day to the same song is very hard, (some weirdos use it for torture), but it always gets better. Although we are mixing from the start of the project, we now took another approach to get the levels right. Almost seeing the end of the road!

Now we give the mixes (and our ears) a little rest, just like a good cook does with the meals… Listening on different sound systems, taking notes… as you can see it is a very demanding job!



01.04.2015 – We made it !!!

Yesss, after 3 months we finished the recording process for our album. 13 songs, over 72 minutes of music! I am very proud of our work. Now let the mixing begin! The next two weeks are reserved for this hard task but the result is already promising.


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