15.06.2015 – It is done…

We have finished mastering our album "Layer 8" in the amazing Translab Mastering Studios in Paris. "Binj" Weber made an incredible job with our mix and brought out even more detail and punch! Now we can’t wait to get everything ready for the factory.



08.06.2015 – Covers for all…

We don’t like our music dressed up like in the following photo, so we will provide a download link for our album cover for all our pirate friends! If you cannot afford 13 € to support our passion, at least print the cover and put it in the jewelbox…



29.05.2015 – Mastering booked !

We booked a day or two in Paris on June 13 (no, it is not a friday). Our agent sent us some information about the studio and we are really exited about how it looks from the inside! Who knows where this can be?



20.05.2015 – Decisions… to be made

Black or white… sometimes decisions are so hard to make, but I think we found the right color! Now Daniel suggests we might add some photos, (what does he have in mind) as we are not getting enough response after the launch of the website!?!

What do you think?



15.05.2015 – Time flies

Yes, it took us one month to get everything right, but now, after a final listening session at our friends from S.K.O.R.‘s amazing studios (https://www.facebook.com/skorband) we are really satisfied with our work.

We can’t wait to get the mastering done in … Paris! (more to come)


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