10.06.2017 – Some guys have all the fun…

Today we’re in Live9 with this nice 24 track session view controlled by Push 1, Push 2 and TouchAble, a very nice constellation for creating the arrangement. No need to flip the pages! If only it could rain now… 😎


06.06.2017 – No cables!? wtf…

Who was talking about no more cables in the studio… 🙂

We think the best way to connect a good old synth without too much USB hassle is still MIDI. Recently we received an ALYSEUM U3-88c, a MIDI interface providing 8 MIDI In/Outs and 16 channels on each. Connects to USB-3 and is super tight! Nice thing is that you can switch on and off sync for every individual out in Live9. If you ever need a new MIDI interface, check it out here: Alyseum U3-88c.

And here is another nice tool, CopperLan free software, if you ever need to network computers: Copperlan


19.04.2017 – No cables required

It is hard to imagine a music studio without all this cable mess but it actually exists. In this minimal setup all the cables are virtual, but the sound is real, fat and analogue. We can even inter-connect multiple devices with Ableton Link and everything is locked in perfect sync!

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