28.01.2015 – Some things must change…

Work on the album is advancing well, changing little melodies and simple grooves into always more complex arrangements, most tracks now use up to 20 different synths.

Some of the tracks were moved to a Vol.2 folder, replaced by others, to create a more homogeneous image. In The Bush, a track not included in the initial list, seems to advance to one of the main focused tracks of the album.


07.01.2015 – Song selection phase

The primary selection having material for about 2 hours, we had to narrow the choice to 13 songs to fit on a CD. Hoping to be happy with our decisions, the near future evolution of the project however should make us revisit some of our initial choices!



01.01.2015 – It all starts here…

In January 2015, Michel BONTEMPS and Daniel MACK, both synth wizards from Luxembourg, started a challenge to create a full album from 32 small sequences hiding among hundreds on the hard discs.


It was actually the first time that a dead-line for one of our projects was set: 3 months for a complete 70 minute CD! A very tight schedule when you start only with a melody or a groove and your working grid is only 4 hours a week of team work.


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