30.07.2015 – J.I.T.

The first package arrived just in time for the release, now if I had a CD player to listen to the finished product…



01.07.2015 – Get ready…

One month ’till the release (party?)…

If you want to listen to our album Layer 8 on your iWhatever, forget those little white crappy earphones! The little monster on the photo below with the green cable is a great choice if you want to hear how it sounds on our big studio speakers. Plug it in, turn it up and enjoy a 72 minutes relaxing session!

(It is actually an AKG Q460, and you can buy it for about 89 €)



2015.06.21 – Remote sequencing

The recording of Layer 8 was done simultaneously in two studios, the Keng Paï Studios in the north of the country and the Second Cents Studios in the city of Luxembourg. This resulted in a huge traffic of exchanging messages. Our chat history is counting over 45’000 messages now. Almost every night the lines were glowing and the up- and download of the tracks to the cloud created some heavy traffic!


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